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12-08-2006   Lukáš Krivošík   EUtópia   verzia pre tlač

O akcii a reakcii

Michal Havran ml. vytvára (v článku Ľavicové reakcionárstvo v Európe, SME 4.8.06) obraz, podľa ktorého Robert Fico zapadá do trendu znovuzrodenia starej ľavice, ktorá sa nestará ani tak o práva homosexuálov či kvóty pre ženy a Rómov ako o sociálne problémy. Noví ľavičiari sú pritom spoločensky konzervatívni, nezriedka chodia do kostola a neboja sa ani slova „národ“, ak s nacionalizmom priamo nekoketujú. Havran ml. správne pomenúva trend, no nesprávne jeho príčiny.

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autor: jurok
pridané: 13-08-2006 15:21

..smiem sa spytat autora, co je zmyslom jeho clanku? informovat niekoho? vyjadrit svoj nazor, lebo si mysli, ze je jedinecny a mal by letiet svetom? snad bojovat za slobodu inych?
..a co takto otvorit oci a zistit, ze svet je farebny? to cierno (lavica, socializmus, nizke mravy a lenivost, fr)- biele (pravica, kapitalizmus, vysoka moralka a tvrda praca, usa) videnie mu neodobry ziadny ocny lekar, terapeut a uz vobec nie umelec..
..prestan sa ochudobnovat o mnohe dimenzie, lukas..

...aj toto je usa:

After months of fevered lobbying and bitter debate, the Chicago City Council passed a groundbreaking ordinance yesterday requiring “big box” stores, like Wal-Mart and Home Depot, to pay a minimum wage of $10 an hour by 2010, along with at least $3 an hour worth of benefits.
“This is a great day for the working men and women of Chicago,” said Alderman Joseph A. Moore, the measure’s chief sponsor.
“It’s sad — this puts politics ahead of working men and women,” John Simley, a Wal-Mart spokesman, said in a telephone interview. “It means that Chicago is closed to business.”
The drive to raise state and city minimum wages has grown out of frustration with Congress, which has left the federal minimum wage at $5.15 an hour since 1997. At least 22 states have enacted somewhat higher minimum wage laws.
“We’re very confident that retailers want and need to be in Chicago, and the question for the city is what kinds of jobs they will bring,” said Annette Bernhardt of the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University Law School, which helped draft the Chicago bill and has done economic studies of its likely impact.
Under the bill, minimum wages in the covered stores would rise to $9.25 in 2007 and to $10 in 2010, and be indexed to inflation after that. Benefits would have to total $1.50 an hour in 2007 and $3 in 2010.
Smaller retailers would remain subject to the state minimum wage of $6.50 an hour.

..nespomente to ficovi..

aj toto je "pokrokarske" myslenie:

This goes beyond the traditional feminist case against patriarchy, and into positive examples of current female leadership, particularly outside the west. When Lu Hsiu-lien, vice-president of Taiwan, published her book on soft power in May, she began by saying: "The concept is not difficult to understand; yet very few leaders to date have put this concept into practice." Might this be because softness is a complex, feminine quality? And because politics is still dominated by men? According to Lu: "Soft power consists of five key elements: human rights, democracy, peace, love and technological progress, which are intimately intertwined. It contrasts sharply with exploitative materialism and aggressive militarism. Hard power, with its heartless and mechanical nature, ignores humane values and misleads nations toward the over-centralisation of state power and even military hegemony. It is aggressive and destructive. Soft power, in contrast, makes use of mercy and wisdom to fight against corruption, poverty and injustice." Lu, a Buddhist, is not afraid to use words like love, peace and beauty as legitimate goals for society. "At the heart of each of Taiwan's success stories," she writes, "lies the human spirit." She knows - and a growing body of scholarship on wellbeing backs her up - that tools such as psychological, emotional and spiritual intelligence build cohesive and integrated societies. Such "soft" knowledge is also crucial to the diplomatic and conflict-resolution skills required in our fissile world. For this reason, as Scilla Elworthy's recent Demos report notes, tackling terrorism is women's work. Is it the severe lack of women in Middle East politics that allows such devastating violence to occur? In the west, three decades of research into public policy shows that the leading presence of women makes for "broader social legislation, benefiting everyone", says Marie Wilson of the White House Project. For women who want to transform their societies, the advent of soft power is a real opportunity. If persuasion, attraction and understanding are the new arts of power, then the future is more profoundly female than we could ever have imagined.
· Indra Adnan is director of New Integrity and is writing a book on women and soft power

hasnt she got a point there?..

aj toto je stat:

Here is another example of the state as enabler. The old Office of the Deputy Prime Minister set up a partnership fund to explore worker/management relations. The homecare workers of the Birmingham Unison branch won funding to facilitate a new relationship with their managers - primarily over work rosters. Before, relations with managers were difficult. The work was hard and badly paid, and inflexible working hours made it harder still. Managers spent the bulk of their time trying to sort out the complex rostering requirements. Through the partnership fund the homecare workers took complete control of their workload. They began to manage themselves. They became more flexible, but more efficient and responsive to those they cared for. The managers were freed up to take on new tasks and, in the process, the relationship between the two was constructively transformed. This is the enabling state in action. It's what Cameron wants to kill and New Labour wants to commercialise..

..tolko farieb, ludi, knih, novin a niektori si budu citat, premyslat a vidiet len tie spravne.. skoda.. nezabudni si kupit zbran, nejaky francuzsky neprisposobivy cierny moslim buzerant sa na teba chysta.. urcite sa narodil s tym cielom, vsetci okolo sme chceli, aby pochopil co je spravne a on takto.. pal, nevahaj..

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