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Gorbačov - falošný demiurg

V týchto dňoch si pripomíname 20 rokov glasnosti a perestrojky, ktoré so svojím príchodom k moci v Sovietskom zväze ohlásil Michail Gorbačov. Pre liberálnu ľavicu po celom svete to bude opäť dôvod pre šírenie legendy o tom, ako východná Európa vďačí za slobodu práve „osvietenému Gorbimu“.

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RE: Obzory
autor: PeterS
pridané: 20-03-2005 1:27

Sorry zastavil som to v polovicke, nebol som si isty, ci mi pripojenie nevyhodi formular, takze zbytok:

Greg Palast – BBC Newsnight and the Guardian newspaper
Alex Jones and Sacred Cow Productions interview Greg Palast. They discuss civil liberties in the US, the Bush crime family, the Project for the New American Century, Iraq and Oil

CBC News - the World According to Bush
Excellent documentary on the inner-workings of the Bush administration. Aims to show how the Bushes have not only dined with the devil, but have often invited themselves to his table

C-Span – interview with Greg Palast
The upcoming US presidential election, US policy in Iraq and other topical issues

ITV John Pilger - Breaking the Silence: Truth and lies in the war on terror
Mainstream documentary exposing the real reasons for the war on terror, raising the issue of rising fascism

Simon Robson - What Barry Say's
An animation constructed around a monologue by Barry McNamara, criticizing US foreign policy and the Project for the New American Century

Michael Moore – Fahrenheit 9/11
Winner of the Palme D'or, 2004 Cannes film festival

Channel 4 News – Doubts over Dr David Kelly's suicide
A British television news item about medical experts who have doubts over whether Kelly killed himself

Stephen Pelletiere – CIA analyst (ret. prof at the US Army War College)
'The predicament Mr Bush and the Pentagon hawks have gotten us into'

Robert Greenwald – UNCOVERED: the whole truth about the Iraq war
This documentary by '' takes a detailed look at the spin and distortions given by the Bush administration to justify the war

America's Defense Monitor – The Making of a Dictator
The arming of Saddam, by, amongst others, George Bush snr.
produced in May 1993

Dr Colin Campbell – Peak Oil
In 2000, oil industry expert Dr Colin Campbell lectured in Germany on the peak of world oil production

short interview with Campbell

the Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
This documentary shows how the US government has manipulated the Gulf to ensure a secure supply of oil, including how the CIA installed their puppet Saddam Hussein

BBC News 'Hardtalk' – Oil as a Weapon
An interview with the President of OPEC, discussing the relevance of Iraq’s oil

BBC News 'Hardtalk' – Iraq: Scott Ritter
An interview with Scott Ritter, discussing the latest ISG report on WMD in Iraq

BBC News 'Hardtalk' – Saddam's Weapons
The former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix doubts whether WMD will ever be found in Iraq

BBC Newsnight - Theft of the Presidency
How the Bush brothers stole the 2000 US election by removing black Democrats from voter lists in Florida

BBC News – US ready to seize Gulf oil in 1973
Recently made public British government documents show that the US were considering using force to seize oilfields in the Middle East during an oil embargo by Arab states in 1973

Alex Jones – radio talk show host (Sacred Cow Productions)
'Iraq is the perfect gateway to control the region'

Donald Rumsfeld & Saddam Hussein
In 1983 these criminals met to discuss chemical & biological weapons sales

Ramsey Clark – former US attorney general
‘Regime change needs to begin at home’

Bremner Bird and Fortune – Between Iraq and a Hard Place
The Channel 4 satirists’ take on the war with Iraq, full of factual information

BBC Newsnight - 'The Programme that asks the awkward questions'
Watch the latest Newsnight programme (updated weekdays at 22.35 GMT)

BBC Question Time - 'Live UK debate featuring guests and the public'
Watch the latest Question Time programme

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