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10-02-2003   Martin Pener, Roman Hegedüs   Rôzne   verzia pre tlač

Declaration of the advancement for the strike against the Iraq

It was not only the 20th century to confirm that a war was always the utmost solution to international conflicts. Europe has been repeatedly trying to commit a suicide at the end of the 1930’s and 1940’s, and was just looking on the genocide in its own territory (the south-east one) at the end of the 20th century. It was the American idealism that has saved Europe for three times. Europe should consider these important facts when deciding on which side to take with in case of the would-be conflict.

It was the Munich agreement in 1938, when the West decided to “close the eyes” in order to win “ the peace for us”, as Chamberlain used to say. As a paradox, it was this statement that made him extremely famous in Great Britain. And it was Churchill that was considered a madman obsessed with a war.

To some extent, the situation is repeating at the beginning of the new millennium, just the protagonists have changed. On the one side, there are the political elites from Germany and France trying to save “ the peace for us”, on the other side, there is the “warlike madman” G.W.Bush.

In August 1990, Kuwait was invaded by Hussein armies and annexed to Iraq. The UN adopted several resolutions demanding an immediate withdrawal of Iraq armies from Kuwait. But Hussein, who did not hesitate to use chemical weapons against the own Iraqis in the past, understood only the speech of harsh weapons.

Twelve years passed after the Gulf war, but only a little has changed. Hussein continues not to adhere to international resolutions of the UN, makes fun of security inspectors while hiding weapons of mass destruction, supporting families of Palestine terrorist by means of dollars from oil industry and giving shelters to terrorists from Al-Khaida.

There is probably nobody all around the world who would be a priori in favour of the war. However, like “the peace for us” failed to help in the 1930’s, international resolutions of the UN and even international law as such failed to help us against this tyrant as well. We are not of the opinion that a war is the wrong alternative to the Hussein regime. The wrong alternative is waiting unless he decides to invade another neighbouring country or use weapons of mass destruction.

We are fully aware of the difficult situation of the Iraqis, as their hardship caused by the militant dictatorship might be even worsened due to the armed intervention. However, we do not want them to support this dictatorship any more.

That is why we found it mad to leave untouched the nests of the world terrorism, where groups manage to exist featuring the hate for ideals of the West, freedom, tolerance, disrespect for human life and, moreover, obsessed with the images of hardship, violence and death.

And so, being persuaded morally that – after the acquiescence in the slavery – a war is only the second worst activity of the mankind, we hereby declare our support for a would-be armed intervention against the regime of Saddam Hussein.

The undersigned:

Roman Hegedűs
Member of the Civic Democratic Youth in Bratislava

Ondrej Jombík
Chairman of the Civic Democratic Youth in Bratislava

Martin Kamenský
Vice-chairman of the Civic Democratic Youth in Bratislava

Marek Mišečka
Chairman of the Organisation Section of the Civic Democratic Youth in Bratislava

Martin Pener
Vice-chairman of the Civic Democratic Youth in Bratislava

Michal Šula
Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Civic Democratic Youth

Translated from the original Slovak by Peter Gažík, Chairman of the International Section of the Civic Democratic Youth in Bratislava.

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